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That Shakespearean Rag is the online home of Steven W. Beattie, a writer and critic in Toronto. It began life as a generalist blog in October 2006, and migrated to its new home in June 2007, where it existed as a popular literary site until, in a fit of unbridled stupidity or a misguided attempt to upgrade the site’s software (take your pick), the site administrator overwrote the existing files, leading to its current manifestation as TSR version 3.0, which was unwittingly launched in May 2009.

When he’s not making boneheaded coding errors and erasing several years’ worth of work, yr. humble correspondent spends his days (more competently, one hopes) as the Review Editor of Quill & Quire, the magazine of the Canadian publishing industry. His criticism has been published in Quill & Quire, The Vancouver Sun, the Edmonton Journal, Canadian Notes & Queries, Maisonneuve, The Walrus, The National Post, and elsewhere.

He has been a juror for the Trillium Prize, the Saskatchewan Book Awards, and the Marina Nemat Award, in addition to appearing on Bravo! television’s Arts & Minds, the CBC’s Fresh Air with Mary Ito, CIUT 89.5’s Take 5, and Corus Entertainment’s The Rutherford Report. He has also appeared at Harbourfront’s International Festival of Authors, Toronto’s Word on the Street, MagNet, BookCamp Toronto, the Book and Periodical Council’s Idea Exchange, and the Book Publishers’ Professional Association.

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