“How do I alleviate my aloneness?”

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“[Anne Frank] was adept at self-examination and felt that people would benefit if at the end of each day ‘they were to review their own behaviour.’ Her attempt to better understand herself was inextricably linked to her development as a writer and to her status as an adolescent. For a child, the struggle to become unique, to assert individuality, has yet to acquire urgency. For the adult, that struggle may have ended in acquiescence – certainly in compromise. But for the adolescent the effort takes on a life or death seriousness. Not only is identity at stake; uniqueness carries its flip side: aloneness. The child can ease aloneness through play; the adult, through work. But the adolescent cannot escape facing the difficult questions: How do I nurture and protect my distinctiveness? How do I overcome my self-consciousness? How do I alleviate my aloneness?”

– “Anne Frank and the Search for Self,” from What the Furies Bring by Kenneth Sherman