In defence of poesy 2011: D. Cole Ossandon

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D. Cole Ossandon is a multidisciplinary artist and poet whose work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. She is currently working on her first full collection.


Why I write poetry:

A love of words (strange words, words that do or don’t sound like their meaning, words that play with your ear).

A love of art forms that push limits, push buttons, push back.

Why to read poetry:

A conversation:

“Why should people read poetry?”

“Poems are riddles and riddles are fun.”


“Poems are cheeky flirtations and cryptic confessions.”


“It makes me feel smart.”


“Poetry is word porn.”

“ … Um, I guess so.”



and riddles

+++dress puppets up in words.

+++be the ventriloquist.

My meaning is elliptical.
I slip my tongue around eyes.

The sound, the taste, the beat.
+++in your way.