Canada Reads 2012

February 6, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Two key moments from today’s Canada Reads 2012 debates, which I offer here without comment.

I should make it clear right now, too, that we’re judging the books, not the authors. Okay, so, the authors are all wonderful people, that doesn’t mean you have to like their books. No one is a bad person just because you didn’t connect with one of their books. That’s sort of a disclaimer at the top of this week because these are non-fiction, and they’re powerful and they’re personal stories. So we all get that we’re debating the books here: nobody’s judging people, nobody’s a bad person for not liking or having some of these books resonate for them.

– Jian Ghomeshi, host


Well, the characters I found least compelling were Dave Bidini, Ken Dryden, Marina Nemat, and Carmen Aguirre.

And in no particular order, I’ll say this: Carmen Aguirre is a bloody terrorist; how we let her into Canada I don’t understand.

Marina Nemat – and it’s known to other prisoners, other prisoners who shared her experience – tells a story that’s not true, and you can tell it’s not true when you read it.

Ken Dryden, bless his delicious soul … Actually, I like him, but the character he portrays is at the most boring time of his life, when he joined the inarticulate to engage in that sport with the sticks and the little rock that they throw around. But at least he’s an attorney today, lovely and handsome as ever.

Dave Bidini, a failed rocker with aspirations of grandeur as a journalist and describes a failing period of his life.

So, take that, y’all! Take that!

– Anne-France Goldwater, panelist, litigator, host of reality-TV series L’Arbitre